Personal Training

Personalised training sessions are designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. One on one workouts will get the results you want, and fast! Body composition testing, fitness testing, nutritional assessment and guide all included for regular clients and tested again at regular intervals specific to your goals. An hour with a personal trainer will cost you from $30, but there are few ways of spreading that cost among your friends.

PT Sessions

$30 per hour for members.
$50 per hour for non members.

Partner Training

Grab a friend and add to the motivation, half the price and have way more fun. Don’t know anyone who wants to train? Ask us and we will do our best to find a suitable training buddy.

Small Group Training

Working out as part of a small group will help achieve your goals in a more cost-effective way and have the added support of training with people who have similar goals. Share your journey, motivation and tips. If you don’t know other people who want to train, ask a trainer and we may be able to match you with a suitable group.


If you’re self-motivated and committed, a programme update from a Personal Trainer every 3-6 weeks is a cost-effective way to ensure you are working on track to achieve your personal goals and avoiding plateaus. Not a member of our gym? We can still provide programmes for at home use.


Want to ensure you are on track with your current training? The scales won’t tell you where your weight is coming from – muscle or fat? With tape measurements and skin folds we can determine how your shape is progressing, your lean muscle mass and what may need altered in your training.