Indoor Stadium

Our two court stadium can be used for basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton, as well as any other sporting codes that do not require specific line markings.
Our courts feature a sprung wooden floor, and can be split into two courts to allow two different activities to take place at the same time. Users can book the facility through our booking system, or use it on a casual basis whenever there are no bookings.
Footwear: We ask that you wear sport shoes only, street shoes mark the floor and heels will damage the floor.
No food (including chewing gum and lollies) are permitted. Sports drinks and water allowed.
The two court stadium is also available for larger events such as conferences, trade shows, award ceremonies, reunions and other corporate and social events. The added advantage of the ability to divide the stadium into two areas allows you to hire half the area is that is what you need for your event.

For information on local competitions head over to Sport Tasman