Fitness Centre

A membership to our fitness centre gives you access to our cardio equipment, resistance equipment, and group classes. Tackle your fitness goals head on with professional training and personalised programmes.

Cardio Equipment

You will be exercising with state of the art gear. Treadmills, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, rowers, cross-trainers and spin bikes will keep your fitness levels up even in those winter months.

Resistance Equipment

You will have a wide range of free-weights and pin-loaded cable machines so you can tailor your programme. Additional equipment including Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls, Boxing Bags, Skipping Ropes, Kettle Bells and much much more!

Group Exercise Classes

Your membership gives you free access to all Fitness Centre classes. We offer a wide variety of classes. Check out our most recent timetable and descriptions to suit your style… bring a drink bottle and towel – you’re going to need it! 

A Personalised Programme

Included in your Membership is an (not included for 12 pass card holders);

Initial assessment; includes fitness assessment, tailored gym programme & goal setting (30 mins)

Workout assessment; a Fitness instructor will show you through your programme (30 mins)

Professional Environment

Our qualified Fitness Trainers are highly experienced in all aspects of fitness. The showers, changing facilities, air conditioning, mirrors and sound system ensure you’re in the best environment to achieve your goals… and don’t forget we have an aquatic facility right down stairs!