Fitness Centre

A membership to our fitness centre gives you access to our cardio equipment, resistance equipment, and group classes. Tackle your fitness goals head on with professional training and personalised programmes. Our qualified Fitness Trainers are highly experienced in all aspects of fitness. The showers, changing facilities, air conditioning, mirrors and sound system ensure you’re in the best environment to achieve your goals

Don’t forget we have an aquatic facility right down stairs!






Group Exercise Classes

If you are looking to make a real, noticeable difference with your exercise then TRIBE is what you need. Team up with 7 other like minded people to form a TRIBE that will stick together through thick and thin to get results. Each TRIBE season runs for 8 weeks.
The content of each and every TRIBE class is programmed by the TRIBE team in Wanaka. These guys have worked in the fitness industry for years and know just what your body needs to achieve results. Our instructors have been fully qualified in the ways of TRIBE and are able to work with you, no matter what your current fitness level, to ensure you get results.

TRIBE’s been running at PERC since March 2014, and we have tribes of 8 coming back season after season. If it’s that good, why not make TRIBE part of your fitness life. If you have a group of friends that would like to do TRIBE but our class times don’t work for come and see our fitness team and we can try to arrange another time. Contact Us

TribeFIT is a high intensity fitness workout designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger

TribeCORE is the intelligent workout that brings toning, strength, stability, and power to your core.

Tribe Timetable