As we approach the implementation of the Covid protection framework across the country on Friday December 3rd. we wanted to confirm the impact on Buller Recreation Ltd (BRL) and the facilities we operate – being the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre and the Reefton Swimming Pool and the process moving forward. As a reminder, once the Covid protection framework is implemented government has mandated that our centre may only operate if using the vaccine pass for members, user groups and visitors. Therefore, once the new traffic light system is introduced BRL will require that all members, user groups or visitors, who wish to use the facilities be fully vaccinated against Covid -19 prior to entering both buildings the businesses operate from. This will impact all people 12 years and above as per the current vaccination eligibility.

While we regret having to exclude anyone from using the facilities, our focus is to serve as many of the local community as possible during the times of heightened restrictions, and while unfortunate, the use of the vaccine pass does allow the centres to operate with less restrictions and reduce the need for booking systems and limits on capacity and allows us to begin to return to a more normal experience for those who use our centres.

We also wanted to let you know that we are finalising the pre-verification process that will allow members to confirm their vaccination status ahead of the new framework being implemented. We store no health information as part of this process and are only providing an indication that a person may enter. There is no need to provide any info at this point and we will follow up next week with more information on this process.

Although we recognise and respect that everyone has a right to choose whether to be vaccinated, one thing has become very clear; regardless of our personal beliefs or preferences, BRL can only viably operate their businesses as vaccine-mandated facilities. Our staff are here to help and make this process as seamless as possible. We will provide some more information next week to frequently asked questions.

Any abusive or disruptive behaviour towards staff or fellow members will not be tolerated and we greatly appreciate your support as we navigate through this difficult time.

The Team at Buller Recreation Ltd